Posted: March 1, 2015

RWP Bass Tuition Student Aaron Jacques Enrols into ACM, ‘The Academy of Contemporary Music’!

A massive congratulations is in order to long standing RWP Bass Tuition student Aaron Jacques as he enrols this September into ACM, The Academy of Contemporary Music’s 2 year Bass Guitar Degree BMus (Hons) in Professional Music Performance.  Aaron who also recently passed his Rockschool Grade 8, has had lessons for the past 7 years.  All I can say is anything is achievable if you set your heart on it, and Aaron’s living proof of that – well done!

Message from Aaron:

To say that 7 years ago I had all the bad habits you could think of when it came to playing bass, it is clear to see how good a teacher Rory really is!  In that time he has turned me from a nobody into a somebody who is now a grade 8 player and has also just been accepted into ACM.  For anyone who’s aiming to get a future in music, Rory is without a doubt the way to go!

Aaron Jacques (Age 18 )