Posted: February 4, 2015

Sphynx Guitar Tech and Guitar Tuition

Like a car needs a yearly service, your guitar – ‘your chosen instrument’, ideally needs the same kind of attention. Through constant use you’ll find that your neck might well of moved, your frets might be wearing unevenly or just the general achilles heel problems that you encounter on your instrument like your input or vol/eq controls start crackling or your strap locks begin to fall off. With this in mind, I would like to dedicate this post to my brother Ian Randell. Ian of Sphynx Guitar Tech and Guitar Tuition is simply an incredible individual!

Ian is my personal tech and looks after all of my basses. He will tell you himself how fussy I am…..but, I know how I like my instruments to feel and play and Ian delivers on this.

Ian and his tech services are used by guitar shops throughout devon for their clientele, as well as acoustic, electric and bass guitarists all over the country. If you play guitar, Ian should be without doubt your first point of call for all your guitar tech requirements. Please see Ian’s Testimonial page on his website to view the fantastic comments he gets on a regular basis from everyone. If you’re looking for a great guitar tech, look no further.

Ian is also a fantastic guitar teacher with a wealth of experience behind him, and a tuition clientele base going into the thousands now – past and present! Many of his past students are now running their own businesses as guitar teachers up and down the country, as well as locally in Plymouth. Ian’s wealth of musical knowledge in the practical and theory is quite incredible. His lessons are £35 an hour and worth every penny. If you’re looking for a patient guitar teacher with a solid teaching background, coupled with world class ability then look no further. Ian is also the reason why I play and teach the electric bass guitar today – enough said.. :O). Ian you’re an absolute inspiration and I don’t say it enough, thank you bro…

Please check Ian out for yourselves: