Posted: March 23, 2015

Rockschool Releases it’s New Popular Music Theory Syllabus

Rockschool has just released it’s New Popular Music Theory Syllabus, which is perfect for those that wish to work on their theoretical development.  This is what Rockschool are saying about their new theory syllabus:

Regardless of your aspirations or stylistic preferences, the quest to become a more accomplished, expressive and articulate musician is a never-ending journey. This is a journey that is made infinitely more accessible through the acquisition of sound, theoretical and practical fundamentals.

The term ‘music theory’ has all-too-often been associated with non-practical, academic-based studies. The perception is often of exams, and texts, which are devoid of industry relevant, practical application and separate from the modern, genre-specific preferences of the student.

We at Rockschool are passionate about changing this perception.

To find out more about the workbooks and guidebooks now available, please go to: