Posted: May 15, 2017

Rors Product Review – May ’17

My product review for this month is a ‘one off’ purchase that makes REAL sense, the humble Strap Lock! : )  Over the past 28yrs or so that I’ve been doing this now, I’ve noticed how accessories have become more and more accessible to everybody with new gadgets entering our retail sector month in month out and whilst this is great it is very easy to get caught up in buying stuff – myself included….. : ) Strap Locks however are one of those guitar accessories that are a MUST HAVE and so my Rors Recommend for May!  I have honestly caught by sheer chance bass guitars that have fallen off students straps whilst teaching them here at my home studio, so imagine what happens when you start band practising or playing live.  Although a number of you have jumped onboard with purchasing strap locks for your basses over the years, this is just a reminder to ‘all’ – ‘do you currently have a set on your bass’???

Any main brand of strap lock will work just fine, but my personal favourite would be the trusted ‘Dunlop Straplok System’.  When you are next in for your lesson/s please feel free to enquire and I’ll show you just how easy they are to use and the benefits of strap locks first hand : )

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