Posted: March 14, 2017

Rors Product Review – March ’17

My product/s review for this month is my personal amplification and setup – EICH Amplification.  This stunning gear is ‘handmade in Germany’ by Thomas himself with noticeable attention to detail.  Many of you are at the point now where you’re ready to make your next purchase, something a little special to go with your chosen instrument/s and with that in mind I thought it would be a really helpful exercise this month to briefly highlight some of the features I love about this brand to maybe help you all when it comes to making a decision for yourselves:

EICH T-900 900w Bass Amplifier – A super tiny amp which is dead easy to use with bags of character sums up this amp nicely I think!  By the amp having a Class-D poweramp along with a solid state preamp means it only weighs in at 3.75lbs which is absolutely nuts.  The TASTE control gives you loads of tonal shaping allowing you to go from a taught slap sound in the DRY position through to a more mellow classic sound in the RICH position with everything else in between available on tap.  The rehearsal aux-in jack on the back of the amp has also been a really helpful feature for myself as well as my student clientele using it in their lessons here.  This feature enables you to plug in your smartphone, iPod or training device allowing you to play along with your tracks – this is also available on all the other amps and combos as well in the EICH range.  Another point is that some days I run my amp from 9am in the morning through to 10pm at night with a short power down break in the day and you can simply switch it off, unplug it and pop it straight in the front pocket of your gigbag carefree with no heat issues…now that’s design!

EICH 212S 2×12 600w Bass Cabinet – A lovely well thought out cabinet!  On the day of receiving my new gear and unboxing everything I remember having to carry my cabinet into my home studio and found the all access handles to be a brilliant feature not realising that they are universal in there design so however you pick up the cab your fingers slot nicely into the handles allowing you to have the best grip possible – brilliant idea!  The quality of the material used to finish the cabinet is also beautiful with almost a ‘leather like’ feel to it : )  The 12’s have such wonderful clarity whilst having a lovely rich rounded depth of tone.  Again, a nicely weighted cabinet coming in at 48.5lbs which makes it a joy to lift!  The final feature I really like is the six stage tweeter switching system on the side which allows even more tonal variation to your sound. This cabinet simply looks beautify and sounds amazing…  If you’re looking for an ‘all round cabinet’ to cover the main styles out there then I would recommend it in a heartbeat.  Another cabinet you might want to try in the range is EICH’s 1210S.

EICH BC112 1×12 300w Bass Combo – A combo that does the job very well!  I had my student clientele in mind when I purchased this combo for teaching and to give me another portable solution for rehearsals/running round.  This has been a real favourite with everybody here thus combining many of the features I have already mentioned above but in a smaller footprint.  I have really found the 12 to be a cracking loudspeaker!

Thomas EICH is regularly adding new amplification and cabinets to their already extensive range, so if you’re looking at changing your gear then check out EICH Amplification for yourselves at