Posted: June 1, 2016

Rors Product Review – June ’16

How’s this for a super cool idea from D’Addario!  When you come in for your next lesson please remind me to show you how to sign yourself upto the below link, and start collecting your points for any string sets that you may of recently purchased or about to purchase for your bass:

As a user of D’Addario Strings, I cannot speak highly enough already of this great brand, so to then release a ‘Players Circle Rewards Program’ for all users is such a great idea!

Below are (5) additional reasons why you should consider D’Addario Strings for your instrument:

1 – Tone and broad range of string gauges

2 – Longevity and consistency of quality

3 – Coloured ball ends for easy string identification

4 – Innovation such as the new NYXL steels and balanced tension bass strings

5 – Proactive company/brand

To find out more about D’Addario Strings, please go to:

Please get in contact for further details if this product is of interest to you : )