Posted: July 31, 2017

Rors Product Review – July ’17

It’s been much later than planned this month, but I was determined to get my product review out to you all for July, so here it is guys…and a nice easy one as well – Awe-In-One Picks! : )  I have tried many quality branded picks over the years, but when I came across this brand it was an instant ‘yes’ for me! John of Awe-In-One Picks has managed to design a pick that just does the job REALLY WELL – enough said!  We have found that if you have normal size hands then the Profound 1 Picks seems to be the first go-to choice, and if you have slightly bigger hands then more than likely the Shred 1 is the Pick for you.

If you haven’t used Awe-In-One Picks then please enquire on your next lesson and I’ll be more than happy to demo the brand to you.

For further details please visit