Posted: August 5, 2016

Rors Product Review – August ’16

This month I wanted to share a great piece of kit with you all – the simply brilliant Hercules GS414B Guitar Stand.  A stand is a stand you might say……not true.  Thankfully there is a brand out there that has been consistent when it comes to producing quality stands and that is Hercules!  Hercules stands are the ‘go to’ accessory for myself, my student clientele and many musicians all around the world because it simply is the benchmark of stands!

Below are (5) additional reasons why you should consider a Hercules GS414B Guitar Stand for your chosen instrument/s:

1 – Auto Grab / locking collar securely holds your instrument in place on the stand

2 – Height adjustable to keep your instrument off the floor

3 – Foam protection for both the neck and body

4 – Weighted and stabilised to keep your instrument safe if knocked

5 – Quick foldaway feature for easy transportation

To find out more about the Hercules GS414B Guitar Stand, please go to:

Please get in contact for further details if this product is of interest to you : )