Posted: April 22, 2017

Rors Product Review – April ’17

My product review for this month is the super cool GruvGear FretWarp.  I came across these in late 2012 when I did a live show with legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert and have been a fan ever since really!  Ok, so what does a FretWrap do…..GruvGear’s FretWraps professionally dampen your strings to get rid of all unwanted overtones, resonance and open string vibrations that you naturally get with your instrument. This makes it the ‘perfect companion’ in all applications from home practise, live use through to recording. You simply attach it to the neck of your bass just over the nut and you’re job done!  Many of you have purchased them over the years here and just recently they’ve started taking off again as the go-to/must-have for your bass…plus they come in some fantastic colours!  When you are next in for your lesson/s please feel free to enquire and I’ll show you just how good they really are! : )

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