Posted: April 13, 2018

New Artist Endorsement for April ’18

I have just come onboard as an Artist Endorsee with Singular Sound’s BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal, and I’m sooooooo excited about working with Moises Linares and the team at Singular Sound in supporting this awesome bit of kit!  So, what does it do??? The BeatBuddy is the first ever multi award winning digital effects drum machine pedal that gives you total hands-free control and wait for it…..24-bit studio grade sound quality, so that’s a drummer in the room guys – how cool is this! :O)  Here are some additional benefits as this pedal just keeps on giving:

No programming necessary – use straight out of the box in minutes…
Visual metronome
MIDI sync capability
Can be used with guitar, bass, piano, harmonica and any electric or acoustic instrument
10 drum sets
220+ styles
24 genres
All time signatures
Add unto 3 million songs
Add upto 300 drum sets
Create your ‘own’ beats!
A share and discover forum
Download cover songs from the premium library
Extended possibilites with optional 2-button footswitch with stereo cable
Etc etc…

Check out Singular Sound’s BeatBuddy along with all their other products for yourselves at

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