Posted: April 1, 2012

New Artist Endorsement for April ’12

I have just come onboard as an Artist Endorsee with Awe-In-One Picks.   It’s going to be a pleasure to work with John Leong in supporting such a fantastic product.  Picks are a funny thing  where you tend to just go with what you’re given by a friend, what’s available at the time in a music shop, or even what you find on the floor after a gig!  However when I was handed an AIO pick to try, my initial thought was – ‘let’s give it a whirl as it looks kind of cool’, and that was it for me.  A pick should be like a tool that makes all the difference, that’s Awe-In-One.  So if you haven’t tried them, then you simply must!  Check out Awe-In-One Picks for yourselves at