Posted: October 11, 2013

New Artist Endorsement for Oct ’13

I have just come onboard as a (UK) Artist Endorsee with Ernie Ball Musicman Guitars, Strings and Accessories.  I am so excited as they’re such wonderful instruments!  It’s going to be an absolute pleasure to work with Alex in supporting such a fantastic brand.  I have owned a number of EBMM basses over the years and have found them to be 100% reliable, rock solid and so versatile in tone and playability.  You want that rock growl – you have it, you want that funky snap – you have it, you wanna go low creating that R&B/Soul vibe, again EBMM can give you that sound with their instruments….  Quite simply, I’ve fallen in love with these timeless basses and wish to make it permanent!  If you are looking for the ultimate ‘all rounder’ instrument, great choice of strings or extra security for your guitar strap, check out Ernie Ball Musicman for yourselves at